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Rank Presumed Private
Affiliations United States Army 2nd Ranger Battalion, C Company
Death 1943, Anzio

Vecchio was a character briefly mentioned in the film Saving Private Ryan. He was a young American soldier who fought during World War Two in Charlie company of the 2nd Rangers Battalion, under Captain John Miller at one time during the invasion of Italy, in Anzio. He was also present when Sergeant Horvath was in the company.


According to Miller he was a "goofy" kid who used to walk around on his hands, sing songs and peed a "V" on everyone's jackets for victory and Vecchio. He is assumed to hold the rank of Private as Miller sees him as a child by how he does such pranks on fellow rangers. Apparently he could walk around on his hands faster than his feet and was small, so small in fact it amazed Miller that he managed to become a ranger in the army.

He died sometime during 1944 in late Januray most likely in or around Anzio.

In June, 1944, Miller and Horvath were in a church in Neuville and began talking about Vecchio and everything he would do. Miller laughed at simply remembering him which Horvath soon did as well once they started to talk about him.

Miller used Vecchio as a way to describe to Horvath how you rationalise between the mission and the men and how Private Ryan better be worth it especially after Private Carparzo's death because he wouldn't trade ten Ryans for one Vecchio or one Carparzo, to which Horvath responds with "Amen".

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