The Ramelle Defenders were made up of Rangers, a 29th Infantry translator, and 101st Airborne soldiers. They did everything in their power to defend the town of Ramelle which they eventually succeeded to do at the cost of 16 of their soldiers.

Fate of soldiers at Ramelle:Edit

Name Fate
Captain John H. Miller K.I.A. - Mortally wounded by Steamboat Willie. Eventually bled to death
Sergeant Mike Horvath K.I.A. - Shot in his thigh then shot through his chest. Died shortly after reaching the Alamo
Private Richard Reiben Survived - Tried to find Miller a medic but failed. Took Carparzo's letter to pass on
Corporal Timothy E. Upham Survived - Shot Steamboat Willie. Mourned Miller's death with Private Ryan
Private James Ryan Survived - Mourned Miller's death, survived the battle and lived a long life
Private Daniel Jackson K.I.A. - Killed by a tank shell while sniping German infantry
Private Stanley Mellish K.I.A. - Stabbed through the chest by a Waffen SS Soldier
Corporal Henderson K.I.A. - Shot through the neck, choking on his own blood
Private Parker K.I.A. - Killed by a tank shell while gunning down infantry
Private Toynbe K.I.A. - Mowed down by a 20mm Flak gun
Private Trask K.I.A.
Private Lyle K.I.A.
Private Weller K.I.A.
Private Fallon K.I.A.
Private Garrity K.I.A. - Mowed down by a 20mm flak gun
Private Wilson K.I.A.
Private Rice Unconfirmed.
Private Gary K.I.A. - Mowed down by a 20mm flak gun
Sticky Bomb Runner K.I.A. - Killed by his own sticky bomb

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