French Mother
Rank N/A
Affiliations France
Birth approx. 1900's
Death Unknown
Weapon N/A

The French Mother was a minor character in the film Saving Private Ryan. She was married to Jean and was the mother of Jaqueline and a boy.

She lived under the oppression of the Nazi regime until the Allied forces invaded France on D-day. During the invasion, her house was bombed and she and her family became caught in between the fighting between the Americans and Germans.

Shortly after D-day, her family encountered American soldiers pushing through the town. Her husband desired they take their spchildren, even passing their daughter to Private Carparzo. She disagreed which such, shouting for their children to be taken away to safety as translated by Corporal Upham.

She watched in extremes worry as her daughter became trapped below due to a german sniper firing at the group. When Private Jackson killed the sniper and the soldiers returned her daughter, the Rench mother seemed distraught when her daughter slapped her father for having to go through that worrying experience.

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